Answer the Call of the Divine Feminine within You

Awaken to your own unique Call, in this moment

Gain clarity, comfort, safety, support, guidance and love

Mentoring through the 3 Big M’s:

Menstruation, Mothering & Menopause…

will allow you the opportunity to understand & heal your pains, to befriend your cycles & yourself, and feel your feminine power!

Take a pause, in person or over Skype, drink some tea and relax to be mentored in your own personal CALL Session

Mentoring offers you the space for authentic expression, deep listening and clear supportive reflection so you gain clarity of your life and experience your most sacred You!


Confused about your health, your passion, your confidence as a woman, why you are even here on the planet?

Mentoring is trusted life guidance. Mentoring can gently yet firmly guide you through difficult life challenges, through the constant changes that life brings and help you reflect and recognize the answers that are already within you!

Mentoring can guide you to your heart’s deepest knowing: your CALL

Change is NOW!

DeAnna is available to work privately with you to help you through your women’s health issues and concerns.  One-to-one in person or through Skype audio/video conversations you can consult with her to help you through changes and difficulties and to understand the messages of your cycles. Your health and healing are in your own hands and available to you right NOW, by calling on your feminine power and listening through your body, mind and heart.

If you are feeling confused about your health, your passion, your confidence as a woman… mentoring can gently yet firmly guide you to your heart’s deepest knowing, out of confusion and into a life filled with meaning, purpose and happiness!

Anything can happen in a Call session.

Through reflection and contemplation, breath practices, yoga poses, movement for emotional release and insight, aromatherapy, mantra, chanting… whatever it is that resonates with you and makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable but with the purpose of taking yourself to the next level of personal awareness and expansion.

A Call session is about awakening your inner voice and creativity and allowing out of you what you’ve been longing to say, hear and feel, authentically and emphatically.

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to release what is stuck or holding you back?


How it works:

~ You can try out one session and get a feel for the work we would do together ($125)

~ You can commit to 4 sessions over a period of 3 months ($400) and choose to experience the sessions in sync with your own menstrual cycle phases or the moon cycle phases

~ Or you can commit to a monthly session for 9 months so you feel supported and held accountable to the changes you uncover and need to make ($850)

~ Each session is followed up about a week later by email support containing inspiration, practices, questions for contemplating or journalling and reflection on the work you do after your Call.

Accountability is key to making change.

Being seen is what the Divine Feminine wants most.

Through a holistic mentor relationship you get a mirror held up to you reflecting back acknowledgment, validation, awareness and the clarity you need to love and appreciate ALL that you ARE so you can become unabashedly all you are meant to BE!

Call sessions