Support form birth to postpartum and beyond

Support form birth class to postpartum circles and beyond

I feel so thankful having DeAnna close to my wife…

When Lili attends her postpartum circles she comes back with relief. It is like DeAnna is able to vanish all her moods, concerns and feelings that only women have and we men cannot understand or even attempt to fix! All these women in the group seem to understand each other, like they belong to a secret women’s society. They cry, they laugh, they share their feelings openly. It’s great that my wife has found a group like this. DeAnna’s deep experience in women’s behavior pre and post birth is highly valued and appreciated. Thank you DeAnna, thank you so much!

~ Gerardo Castillo, husband of Lili (and husband who knows what’s good for him!)




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Nourishing Postpartum Teas for Mamas at The Painted Snail Apothecary

I am entirely grateful for attending DeAnna’s Birthing From Within class…

I didn’t realize how unprepared I was for birth on an emotional and spiritual level until I arrived at the class. I had been so busy making other arrangements and preparations that I hadn’t stopped to really take the time to think about how I would feel if my birth didn’t go as planned. I ended up birthing in the hospital after having planned a home birth. I dug deep into my bag of tricks learned in DeAnna’s class and was able to find the voice to express my needs to the doctor. I used visualization techniques to surrender to the situation I was in, rode out the waves, and brought a beautiful healthy baby into this world. Thank you DeAnna for your guidance on this incredible and difficult journey. It made all the difference!

~ Monique Moyer, The Painted Snail Apothecary



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Ariella’s family birth photo!

Thank you for an amazing weekend…

You are truly a wise and gifted teacher! Jeff and I both loved the class and I feel in a much better place to give birth to my sweet Leilani now. Thank you a million times over

~ Ariella


Chris and I really enjoyed your class

and felt that we came away more prepared about what to expect as we go through the birthing process. I felt the tools you gave us for coping with pain were really helpful and practical! Thank you so much for the time that you spent with us and how comfortable you made us feel!

~ Jaqueline



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Birthing From Within birth ‘laborynth’

Thank you for a wonderful class…

I really feel like I entered the door to labor land this weekend, both in mind and body (I’m feeling more signs) and I feel more prepared on a lot of levels- as prepared as can be! I look forward to joining your postpartum group!

~ Trina Sargalski, Writer | Multimedia Journalist | Chicago/Miami at Trina Dish “good food and good stories”


We really enjoyed the class…

and found all the couples there to be really helpful by sharing concerns and feelings about this new exciting turn in all our lives. There is something really special about meeting new people and connecting on a real level. I thank you for making that happen and all the coaching and wisdom you bring.

~ Lily Jaramillo, new mama to baby Eddy



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Jodie riding the waves of Grace!


The Feminine Power Yoga Workshop…

was an amazing and empowering experience! The workshop was a beautiful weekend of bonding with women of different ages from varied backgrounds and enjoying the feminine power we all possess. DeAnna’s gentle and supportive guidance helped to encourage a safe space in which I could relax and absorb the wisdom she offered so eloquently through stories and perfectly tailored asana. What a gift to have her kind soul and mothering energy to take us through a time dedicated to awakening and connecting to our own power as well as the power of women coming together. Thank you DeAnna!

~ Jodie Boland, Sports and Massage Therapist, Barbados



DeAnna with Vera during Pregnancy Coaching

Fortune took me to DeAnna…

Deep relief and comfort kept me coming back for more and more and more. The calmness that surrounded me, the diving into an Avatar-fairy like setting overcame me without resistance upon entering into the world of practice of this nurturing spirit and angelic being. When my inner desire and need called for one of her “Call Sessions” there was no stopping me. She has the natural peaceful art to bring me back to my true calling, to access deep dug down memories and lead me to a path of born healing, healing. I can be reminded that I possess this in myself. DeAnna is a comedian as well and if one has forgotten to belly-laugh, I strongly recommend a session with her. She intuitively takes you back to your inner strength and humorous side of your delicious self, like she will often refer to you. And so it is to be in her presence: Delicious!

~ Vera Eckardt, Mother of Marco and Daniel


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Cathy with baby Sarah

DeAnna was my Doula…

DeAnna was my Doula for my birth of my daughter Sarah Elizabeth. She is my first born and I was nervous about my first home birth. DeAnna’s Birthing from Within class helped tremendously, along with her nurturing presence and support. She even filmed the birth and it was so good we published it on you tube and now have 18,000 hits. I would recommend DeAnna highly to anyone having a home birth. Not just for the mommy, but for the Daddy who also may feel a little lost or nervous. It was so comforting having her there and knowing that she has had so much experiences with other women. Thank you DeAnna for helping me with the most beautiful event of my life.

~ Cathy Parbst-Accurso, Mother of Sara, Physical Therapist at


Yoga for pregnancy

I had no interest in yoga before I met her...

I had no interest in yoga before I met her and only participated for the sake of my unborn baby, so I can say that i exercised at least a little, did something. To me, yoga was scary and basically a torture to my inflexible body, since my fingers only reach down to my knees when I bend over.. DeAnna subconsciously and literally twisted my awareness and imparted an openness towards this unknown yoga world. Her patience, laughter, caring, massaging hands guided me into the possibility that yoga can actually be something that I will enjoy. It taught me to be more proud of myself, overcome challenges, endure suffering and to be open to my fears. Not attending her classes would be a loss to my growth and I am endlessly grateful to have met her along my life journey!”

~ Vera Eckardt, Mother of Marco and Daniel