The Woman Way

The Woman Way Manifesto:

I stand on the ground of the Maiden of love, of the pure fertile orgasmic dance of creation, of the mystical and the magical, of the constant cyclical rhythm of the sensual flow of consciousness, of her blood and tears, of her joy and laughter

I sit on the grass of the Mother earth, as the lover and the beloved, as the mother and the child, as the singer and the song, my song, a passionate expression of the pain and ecstasy of being, of contraction and expansion, of birth and rebirth, of all that is true and real. I sing for the delight of riding the waves of light that carry me to new and inviting journeys of experience

I lie on the dirt of Wisdom’s ashes, of all that was and will be, of death and the quiet nature of stillness, intuition and deep knowing, of remembrance, of forgiveness, of fullness, of hope, of the oneness and manliness of pure undying Love