The Yoga of Knitting and Crochet

The Woman Way is transforming, as usual! My way of practicing yoga is shifting along with my life, just as it needs to do. Yoga is meant to support the cyclical experience of our lives so we feel more able to receive the changes and evolve into ever expanding beings of love and light. Lately, I find my life unraveling once again, like a ball of yarn. Sometimes the ball of yarn is knotted and takes time and patience… tons of it actually… to be useful again. Other times the ball is user-ready to ease-fully unwind and become stitch after stitch and eventually become a whole entity unto itself… something completely different than what it started out to be. Like me. And yet whose original essence is intertwined into its changed form.

I’ve always loved yarn! I love how a sheep or alpaca grows the fur that becomes the yarn that becomes the blanket that comforts the one it wraps around. There is nothing more organic than that process… so natural and simple… so feminine! This process is one of transformation… and requires time, patience, consideration, thought, skill, presence. Within every finished handicraft is woven the ever changing thoughts and feelings of the weaver. How do I wish to experience this process? What do I wish to infuse into this handiwork so it supports me as I cycle through everything else I’m doing in my life?

What’s next? I have so many projects in mind… the comforter, the mermaid blanket for the mermaiden in the house, the mandala! Yes, the mandala! One stitch at a time, one thought at a time, here we go…