One of the many amazing mysteries of Womanhood is the marked stages in our lives. These stages are felt by major changes in our physical body.


~ The first major change occurs when we transition from little girl to little woman, experiencing our first menstrual cycle.

~ If we decide to have children we experience the second major change where our bodies hugely shift with pregnancy and then with the explosive power of childbirth as we transition into Motherhood. Otherwise the change is less obvious in our bodies yet equally powerful within our spirit as we learn to Mother ourselves and nurture our heart’s desires, getting in touch with the fullness of the feminine spirit.

~And then the last major change is the experience of Menopause into life as an older person of wisdom. It is the next opportunity in a woman’s life to partake in a rite of passage. It is so impacting to a woman that it has been called ‘The Change.’

All or most of these experiences are common to all women, no matter what! They are special times as they mark beginnings and endings. Learning to flow with these changes is probably the biggest challenge of being a woman. Trusting that these experiences allow us an opportunity to discover the many mysteries locked away inside of our being is a practice that takes time and persistence. Yet these are the elements that teach us Wisdom. The post menopausal period is a time to pause and notice the many opportunities we have had to live and grow, to learn patience, tolerance, courage and focus.

Patricia Walden, an older Yogini and Yoga teacher suggests ways to get through menopause with more grace and ease:

‘Learn to ride the wave, savor the good times and don’t get thrown with the changes. Feel more freedom, more balanced in strength and flexibility, work through challenging times with grace and ease.’

Yoga can help lessen the fear and suffering associated with the symptoms of menopause. It teaches acceptance of challenges as blessings while holding resentments may lead to bitterness. Yoga helps you to explore and unfold the parts of you that are hiding so you can embrace the whole of who you are. And finally, Yoga teaches that there is juicy, fertile fruit waiting to be discovered within the depths of menopause. Dive in and connect to the deepest parts of who you are and experience The Change with Grace!